UC Davis Global Learning Hub

Engaging with global learning opportunities is an excellent way for you to develop your cultural understanding and fluency in the German language. The Global Learning Hub offers local, regional, virtual, and international opportunities that connect you with your academic, personal, and professional interests and helps you prepare for rewarding careers in an increasingly global economy.

Types of Global Learning Opportunities

The Global Learning Hub offers programs, workshops, and resources that enhance your academic and career pursuits through four broad areas of opportunity:

The Global Learning Hub also offers many opportunities for students to engage in global learning virtually. Please use the hyperlinks below to navigate virtual opportunities:

Key Resources

Course Articulation

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Contact Us

Visit the Global Learning Hub website at globallearning.ucdavis.edu to learn more about programs, resources, and ways to get involved. You can also reach out to us by email at globallearning@ucdavis.edu, or by phone (530)752-5713.