Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program provides a large range of opportunities for our students whether they are majoring or minoring in German. In addition to a rich selection of courses, we offer opportunities for study abroad.

Lower Division Programs

  • First Year Program: This program consists of beginning courses in German.
  • Second Year Program: The intermediate courses build on what students learned in the First Year Program, and they prepare students for upper division courses in language, literature, and culture.

Davis Language Center (DLC) The DLC facilitates technology-based language learning and researching. The DLC is more than a language laboratory. It also offers workshops, conducts language placement exams, and supports students and faculty in both teaching and learning.

Upper Division Program

In their upper division courses, students explore a wide range of topics to develop a broad understanding of German language, literature, and culture. With their adviser's assistance, students can tailor their major to fit their needs, and they often combine their German major with another major in the humanities or social sciences.

Student Learning Outcomes

By studying German, students are expected to be proficient in the language and be familiar with the culture. To learn more, please click below: