The German major explores in depth the language, literature, thought, culture, and commerce of the German-speaking world (primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The key to the major lies in the careful balance between the solid core requirements and the opportunity to explore German subject areas from the perspective of related disciplines.

Preparatory Subject Matter:

German 001, 002, 003: 15 units

German 020, 021, 022: 12 units

German Major Requirements:

German 101A, 101B, 103: 12 units

German 120 or 118E: 4 units

Four courses chosen from upper-division offerings taught in German: 16 units

Three additional upper-division courses either taught in the German department or selected from: 

Art History 176C, 177A, 177B
Comparative Literature 138, 140-142, 147
Economics 110B, 116, 160A and 160B, 162
Film Studies 142, 176A, 176B
History 142A and 142B, 144A and 144B
Music 110A, 110C, 110D, 110E
Philosophy 170, 175
Political Science 117, 118C, 137, 147D

Total: 44 Units

The total of 44 upper division units may include units earned in the Education Abroad Program.